My old Homepage from Freie Universität was last updated 2005 and contains many dead links. Curious fact: when I tried to access the site 2008 from China, I got a connection reset. Probably it was filtered out by the Great Firewall, as it quotes the constitution (Grundgesetz) of Germany. Wonder, if it could be accessed today. Together with Georg and Stephan we set up a database of exam reports that still works today.

In 2002 we went with six students on an exchange to the HUST Univsersity in Wuhan, China: Photos on flickr, A journey in 14 Images. In return, 2003 five students and a professor form HUST visited the Freie Universität and at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften we organized a video conference.

In Summer Term 2001, Robert and me created the 3D adventure Real World, programmed in VRML, as practical exercise for the lecture "Anwendungssysteme" by Dr. Martin Kurze. The 3D web was a big hype at that time and expected to be next in the evolution of the internet. But with the bankruptcy of blaxxun, the idea of a free and open 3D web died and the closed platform "Second Life" became en vogue. Today as of 2017, VR is a big hype again. I am looking forward to visit the real world again soon, then with a VR headset and an immersion not experienced before.

In 2000/2001 Charlotte, David and me played around with Cool Edit Pro 2000, random sound samples and a sequencer. Two tracks remain, though in low bandwidth: Dendritisches Gussgefüge #11 and Die Froschforscher: Maximum Jungle. Further, as an HTML finger excercise, I created lists of my electronic music CDs and other music CDs.

At Universität Trier, together with three fellow students, we created Fear Frames, a hyperfiction work, in the context of the seminar "Literatur und Internet", 1999 by Dr. Jürgen Daiber (now professor in Regensburg). Actually my first web project. Also in a Seminar by Dr. Daiber, named "Literatur und Experiment", winter term 1996/1997, I completed my first seminar thesis about Peter Handkes "Versuch über den geglückten Tag".

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